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Are these wheels worth anything?


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I just bought a 78 280z, and the guy threw in the original stock alloys that the car came with. I also took some pictures of the wheels that he replaced the original with. I would like to get rid of either one set or the other, but I before I list them for sale, I want to know if they're even worth anything, and how much, or if I should even sell them because it might be rare to have stock wheels on my Z or stuff like that. Thanks to anyone who can help. I am putting pictures of both wheel sets on this post, and I don't exactly know what the size of the second wheel set is, so I took pictures of the tire's size that is on it. I took a picture of the second wheel set without the cap on so you can see what that looks like as well. There are four wheels of each design, I just pictures of one of each. The second wheel set says "Spectrum" on the cover, but I couldn't find them on the net anywhere to give me an idea of price.







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The aftermarket wheels look to be a composite wheel - a cast aluminum center welded to a chrome-plated steel rim. That type of wheel is typically heavy, and can be prone to vibration problems. Probably 14x6 from the looks of them. I'd probably try to sell them for $100 or so, as a guess.

The factory alloys are (to me) far more desirable. With caps and their special lug nuts they are worth far more than the others. Probably $250-300 as is, more if they are nicely polished. But if they are the ones the car came with, I'd keep them.

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I rarely see the factory alloys on a Z. I have them on mine and when I searched around to find a replacement for the one that had curb rash, it took over a year to find a satisfactory replacement so I guess they're not that easy to find. The one drawback is that they are only 5.5" wide but I have 22560's on mine and haven't had any problems.

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