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Is this normal?

Walter Moore

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Just a stupid question...

My wife and I took the Z for a little Sunday drive this afternoon, and I noticed something unusual.

Every time that I ran the car up to 7K RPM in 1st gear and then shifted HARD into 2nd, the rear tires squealed! Is that normal? LOL I have never owned a car that would do that before... I had to do it twice, just to make sure it really happened.

Thank goodness I am a safe and sedate 47 years old. I would hate to think what some young person might do with such a vehicle... Now where did I put that RADAR detector... :devious:

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Walter, it is not normal to think that it is not normalROFL

I had a 280ZX that squealed at 2nd,3rd and SURPRIZE 4th also:D

but later my 1977 280Z squealed up to 3rd only, long Diff. ratio

this is the joy of the Z I guess, it just draw a smile on the face:)

check the clip in the zipped file;)

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