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Suspension kits.


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Hey all, I will be doing suspension and brakes on my 73 soon and I was wondering if anyone knew of a company that stocked these kits any cheaper then MSA.



I will also be adding these while have it apart.


Along with all the bushings and u joints. The car will be going into the body shop next school semester and I'm trying to get it ready to go. I am so ready to finally get started :)

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I have found the eibachs for $160 before which isn't much of a price difference.

But a rear disc conversion brand new with everything you need for $350!!! with slotted cross-drilled rotors and 2 ss lines. Thats $500 cheaper!!!

You can get a Tokico Illumina Strut and Spring kit off ebay for a little over $400.

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I converted the rears on my 73 to discs for a LOT LESS than $840! Wow.

Got the brackets from Modern Motorsports, SS brake lines from MSA, rotors (84 300zx) from local Checker store, and calipers (93 240sx) from the local JY. Go with some decent pads, such as Hawk HP or HP plus. I don't think I spent more than $425 total, plus some time to source everything.

The parking brake cable brackets on the 73 can still be used. You just need to make a "link" and get a clevis pin at the local hardware store. Or you can buy that already made from Modern Motorsports as well. Just swap the right cable to the left side and vice versa and everything fits.

Also, you might want to consider adding an adjustable proportioning valve while you have everything apart. I didn't see one in the MSA kit. Depending on which pad materials you use front and rear, you may need one. You don't want to lock the rears first!

In all fairness to MSA, my rotors are solid, not drilled, but I don't think you need drilled rotors on the rear unless you have some serious power.

There's a great thread (sticky) on hybridz that covers all this in more detail.

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FWIW, for the street there's very little performance benefit from the upgrade as the drums work quite well if only used for a few stops at a time. For me, I got tired of the pedal getting longer and longer on track days as the shoes wore and didn't self-adjust. I suppose I could have brought a jack and stands to the track and manually adjusted the shoes, but that would be a hassle, especially when it's my turn to work the corners between my group's sessions.

No denying that the discs look better than drums :)

One more thing, if you do plan to track the car, make sure to install a proportioning valve where you can get to it in the cabin. Last track day, after 3 sessions of excellent braking, I began to get lock up during the 4th session. When the rear end got loose as I braked from 100 mph to 40 mph for a hairpin, it was NOT a fun thing to feel the rear end begin to move around on its own. :surprised Half a turn solved it and no track time lost.


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