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Connecting Rod Bolts


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So, I've finally decided to get my engine in my Z rebuilt. I've decided not to use the numbers matching block, but instead a block that I got for free from ebay. The block has a higher number stamped into it than my Z's original motor does. My Z was built in 8/72, so I'm assuming that the block I have now is probably a late 72/73.

I'm looking to buy some rod bolts from ARP, but I'm unsure if they are 8mm or 9mm bolts. Anyone able to shed some light on the subject?

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What are the serial numbers on the engines you have?

Nissan begain using the 9mm rod bolts at L24-096181 and the engines would be found in cars built starting in 04 or 05 of 1972. Most likely both the engines you have would have had the 9mm rod bolts - but check the serial numbers anyway.

Carl B.

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