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Holley Carb - Manual or Automatic Choke ???


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I just tuned my 1973 240z which has a 390 cfm Holley 4 Barrell carb. It runs super once wamed up,. It was an Arizona car and actually had the choke butterfly clamped wide open all the time. For starting in Arizona - I'm sure this was fine, but since I live in the upper Mid-West, I need the choke for cool and cold days to effectively start it.

Question :

1) Should I use a Manual Choke since the car is equipped with the lever on the console and choke light?

1a) If yes - has anyone wired up the choke light and can give me tips on where to connect the choke switch to the wiring harness ?

2) Should I use the Holley automatic choke and have it calibrated and adjusted for my weather in the upper Mid-West?

I was leaning toward the manual choke option because it's easily adjustable but unless I can connect the Choke light up so I don;t accidentally leave it on all the time - I can be swayed to having the Holley carb's automatic choke be activated and adjusted.

I welcome comments and thoughts. Many thanks.

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Thanks for such a quick response! My Holley automatic choke is not electrically connected, so I presume before I do anything, I can hook it up and try it. I have not looked closely enough to see where the wire connects to the Holley carb.

I presume the wire input to the electronic choke on the carb comes from a hot wire off the ignition circuit.

Many thanks.

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You presume correctly.

How are those switches working out for ya?

You might even want to run a relay on that choke. Just for safety sake.

1) power wire from the battery to terminal 87

2) wire from terminal 30 to the choke

3) terminal 85 to a ground (most likely the same metal where you mount the relay, on the firewall?)

4) terminal 86 to an ignition wire or to the ignition it self.

Any 4 or 5 prong relay rated at 20 or more amps


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Thanks Dave for the thought. I don't follow your number schemes , like temrinal 30 or terminal 87 ? Explain in simple terms for me would help.

Once I re-assembled the switches and the interior I spent Saturday doing some tuning of my Holley carb. I haven't taken it out yet for a cruise - but the switches Turn & Combo work superbly!

Many thanks.

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