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door seals


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Don't forget to compare prices between OEM and aftermarket seals. It all comes down to what your goal is - functionality or originality - and your bank account balance. Aftermarket seals worked nicely on my '71 and will keep out the elements as well as the pricier OEM pieces.


1971 240Z, Original Owner

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this post may have answered my question:


although on page 1 it was mentioned that the 240Z factory ones weren't available anymore.:ermm:

My prior attempts with adjusting doors when I had to replace hinges were nightmares that I don't want to repeate.

Years ago I used some universal fit stuff that we used on tractor cabs where I worked. It worked pretty good, but I don't have the source for it anymore

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You can still get door seals from Nissan.

so far my online requests have come back with:

> no longer made, nissan has not had those for many years


>G6921-W6000 WELT BODY is the part you are looking for list-18.63 your cost-13.42 They would have to be ordered.


>The catalog is not very clear, these parts are listed as rubber-sealing door , 80931-N4501 RUBBER Rh is $14.15 and 80932-N4501 RUBBER Lh is $14.15

no reply from Courtesy yet, although they haven't replied to my request from the weekend when I bought the car either yet.

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within minutes of emailing Motorsports Auto I got a reply:

I can order them which normally takes about 3-5 business days. The price is $73.57 each side. The only problem is they are “new, old stock,” meaning they have been sitting for a while and are starting to crack a little. Nissan no longer produces them. We also have an aftermarket version of the original for $34.95 each side.

so far they have been lightening fast with all of their replies

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