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What should I pay for l28 block - pistons but no ..


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What is a fair price for an l28 block - stamped for matting to a N42 head - I'm mounting a E31 head? There seems to be a fair amount of surface rust in the water compartment.

The block does not include a fly wheel or water pump, but does include the timing chain and cover.

Should I spend more and get a block with a flywheel ?



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It all depends on the condition of the internals. How many miles on current bearings, rings etc... By the looks of the overspray it was a quick paint job. I'd start around $100.00 depending on the condition. (You can pick one up at a junk yard for about 300 with a head).

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From the looks of it I would buy it for the block. I would not put any stock or value in the other parts you would be getting.

If you buy it get it home, put it on A stand , and tear it down all the way.

Now dont just start tossing parts do it with some care and keep track of where bolts went and so on. Once it is apart then look over the parts and see whats able ta be saved.

For the cost of new bearings there is no reason not too just put new ones in. Think of it as insurance. Same with the rings.

Take the block in and get it cleaned and checked for cracks. Here again insurance.

I have seen far too many people buy junkyard blocks loaded (crank pistons so on) put on A head drop it in A car. Then after A month lose A bearing or some other internal problem. Why do it twice when you can do it once for half the cost?

Take it from the been there done that club. Shortcuts will bite you in the butt not far down the road.

As ED said about 100. and thats on the high side for me. Hell I just got A whole 240Z with motor & trans for just over that.

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