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Checking automatic transmission oil level?


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I'm quite new with my Z, but also everything has worked smoothly with my car. Now the only problem, which I haven't figured out is where do you check the automatic transmission oil level and where is the spot to make the refill? I have some experience with newer cars, but not with automatic gearbox. I have the factory manual for 260z(y.74), but it doesn't say so clearly how do check the oil level.

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You will need a long necked funnel. One of those funny looking ones that seem to have this long tube that ends in a 1/2" to 3/4" wide tip.

Once you've checked the ATF, use the same tube the dipstick fits into to put your funnel into and then add if you need some.

If your AT is running sluggish, etc, it might need to be taken to an AT specialist and have the fluid changed. If that is the case, and you plan on doing that, it won't hurt to use one of those AT "fixes-in-a-bottle". I've used a product by Lucas for leaky ones, and another one by the "GUNK" people that helped my transmission which claimed to be a "sludge remover".

One note, the "sludge remover" just dissolves the sludge and opens up passageways, BUT because it DISSOLVES the stuff, is why you don't want to run that stuff forever....get the fluid changed. My point is that by running the stuff for a while before you get the fluid changed, you will have "flushed" the passageways of burnt and clumped fluid.



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Just a note here , to check the level of oil in a automatic tranny. The engine must be up to normal driving temp. Then with the engine running at idle. Shift the gear selector to reverse then to drive then back to reverse then to park. Stop at each position for a few seconds. Then with the engine at idle check the level of fluid. And add if necessary. DO NOT over fill. Now when checking the oil level make note of the color of the oil. If it is dark , change it . It should be pinkish/reddish in color not brown or black , like engine oil. Use only ATF in a automatic trans. Gary

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