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S30 Auto Shift handle - Interchanges?


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Hey guys, the automatic shifter T-handle on my 260Z is pretty grim looking, and has a crack. I'd like to replace it and was wondering if any later Nissans (or other) used the same handle or something really close.

Neither MSA nor Black Dragon lists these as available either, can they be bought new from anyone?



Tampa, FL

'74 260Z 2+2

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a 280ZX t handle fits, is mostly metal with a grip pad, and looks right at home! After my third New $85 Dealer replacement in six years cracked, I picked up the ZX piece in the pick and pull for $5 to try and sold the car with it eleven years later. The pad is removeable and did come in several colors. I think I put this info and some pics in a thread-I'll have a look and post a link if I find one.


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Bought mine from Mossey Nissan National City CA, just a few months ago. It was not cheap but I used my Z club discount and got it in a day or so. I bet Courtesy Nissan has it. The one I bought was for my 1973 Z, it was exactly the same as the broken one except the area that was chrome is now grey.

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