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replacing transmission bearing....

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i was just going to take the tranny to AAMCO but they wanted 460 JUST IN LABOR! so that wasn't happening.

i was reading a thread earlier and i believe that zbane mentioned a "needle bearing" that needs replacing.

anyone have a part number or know how to do it?

my symptoms (like someone else on this forum) include loud whining in first and second. it's less in third and fifth, and nonexistant in 4th.

also, i thought my throwout bearing was bad because my tranny had a kind of rattling sound when the clutch was ENGAGED (pedal not depressed). but from what i read in another thread, the throwout bearing is the exact opposite. anyway, help? part number? schematics? wanna come do my tranny for me?


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It sounds like your rear countershaft bearing is failing. The rear most gear set in a transmission (excluding reverse (and fifth gear for five speeds) is first gear, 2nd to last is second gear, third to last is third gear, and fourth is direct drive. When the rear countershaft bearing fails, it is most noticable in the sequence you describe (loudest in first, a little quieter in second, quieter in third, and normal in fourth. If you have a 5 speed, 5th will be around as loud as first.

To replace, remove transmission, remove rear transmission housing, unstake the countershaft nut, use a bearing puller to draw off the rear countershaft bearing, press on the new one, and reassemble (a service manual is key). The bearing is Nissan part number 32319-N4870 (I believe this crosses to Timken bearing # 204 (available at auto parts stores)). This is the smallest bearing inside the trans (and the most failure prone). While the trans is out, replace the drive shaft seal for good measure and inspect the clutch.

Good luck.

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