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My stock '71 needs premium, and the owner's manual specifies premium. You might get away with less octane if you have a later cylinder head, or a hot cam installed. But for a stock '71 L24, I'd recommend premium.

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At what RPM does it ping in 3rd?

Since Arne's engine is different than mine I suppose you should consult the factory service manual for your particular model. For mine, 1972 L24 with twin SUs and an 8.8:1 compression ratio the FSM specifies "more than 95" for octane. Where I live I can only buy 87, 91, or 93. It also specifies with emission control to use "91 (low lead)". I mostly use 87 and never notice pinging.

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Timing is good.....just checked it. Not quite sure of the RPM in third gear. I just remeber that right when i shift into third (at a lower RPM) it Pings. Im going to try and put a octane booster in the tank now because i have the low level octane in it now and next time I am going to get supreme gas. Hopefully it will get rid of the pingen.

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