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Car Pinging !!! HELP!


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Ok So i set the timing on my 240z and it still is pinging!! Could it be to the fact that I dont have my PCV hose that goes from the balance tube to the block on it right now and that I have the PCV valve plugged???

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A lot of things can make an engine ping, be sure your point gap is set correctly and that the breaker plate is advancing and not stuck, as well as the vacuum advance is working. Double check your ign timing. Also be sure you are not running lean on one carb. You may find that you need to raise the octane level of your fuel or retard the timing a few degrees. Do you know the history of your engine? has it been rebuilt? Check your compression and see what you get. I dont think plugging the pcv would cause this but I recommend you unplug the pcv valve so the engine can vent so it won't build pressure and push out a crank seal.

Just be sure everything is set correctly I would start with the igition system.

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