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My Favorite Hat


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Just thought I'd share this. Last Sunday night, instead of taking it easy or working on my Z, I got cabin fever and started going from chore to chore. As it was getting cold at the end of October I'd already pulled the 9.5 HP Merc off my aluminum fishing boat and stored it in the garage.

My boat is in the old (and leaning) boathouse built on my property long before I was born, I decided I needed to lower the rickety old door even though no one ever tries to get into it from the river side. The door system is pretty shaky, with two counterweights on cables on each side. It must have had a center pull at one time, because there is a third pulley located in the middle, but that cable is long gone. So I have to raise one weight on one side, then run around the boat to the other side and raise the weight a little on the opposite side. I run back and forth until the door lowers (reverse to raise) to the water. We are talking an old wooden door here.

Well, the cable on the right side of the door came out of the pulley and jammed tight, held firmly down by the hanging counterweight. I had to get out the old aluminum orchard ladder and climb up to the roof. Fortunately the last couple of sheets of tin are missing so I can climb right through to where the pulley is. I had visions of getting my hand jammed between the cable and the pulley as I tried to lift the counterweight from the top of the ladder and having to call someone for help on the cell. Thank God I didn't have to suffer that embarrassment. It took about a half dozen trips up and down the ladder until I had it back in place. An old L24 fan pulley now helps keep the cable from jumping the track.

My neighbors across the river and people driving over the nearby bridge must have been wondering what that mysterious light was coming from the old boathouse as it bobbed around from atop my head. I had one of those handy headlights strapped to my forehead. These are great for working on the car and a million other tasks. Unfortunately, however, my Classic Z hat fell off and started floating down the river. It was pretty dark and despite rowing around looking for the hat where I thought it must have sunk I couldn't find it. It was a busy deadline day yesterday so I couldn't look then.

Well, I just came back from walking down the river with a rake and there it was sunk to the bottom just around the bend. I had to lay down in the wet grass to reach out with the rake but I hooked it (the dog looked at me like I was nuts). Some fresh water to clean and hopefully it will dry in the right shape. My Z hat (the tan one) has become my favorite and I know I could order another (and I still might) but I just wanted to share my adventure. That's what I get for working on something other than the Z. ROFL

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I might be inclined to take your advice, especially if I lived in Western Washington State where they are having severe flooding with several counties already being declared disaster areas. Here in Eastern Washington (the dry side) it's not so bad, although they did warn about flash flooding in the county in which I live.

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