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Inter Ceptor

Mat Big Hat

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I'm guessing to,

but maybe exactly:

North 34 degrees 39 minutes and 20.972 seconds

East 135 degrees 28 minutes and 45.239 seconds.

Right here:


Last of the straight 6 interceptors I guess.

Well, if you cant afford to import a Falcon into Japan....

I wonder what sort of business goes on there. Maybe it's the Mel Gibson Fan club Japanese headquarters ROFL

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Well, if you cant afford to import a Falcon into Japan...

There was a company that did just that! Not sure if it was a Japanese company or simply placed Japanes ads, but they would build you an MFP ( "Maintain Right" )"Pursuit Special" or an Interceptor to order.

here's an XB sedan interceptor copy in ...Osaka!


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