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ignition stuck in 'lock' position 280z


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I just got this car and had no problems last couple days, went to crank it this morning and somehow the ignition is stuck in the lock position and the wheel is centered, key won't turn it at all. Is there some trick to these cars i need to know. Wheel is not locked to one side or anything. It's not in the off position but is further around in the lock position. Prob i'm just doing something stupid but i can't turn it. Tried both keys I have

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maybe it is a stupid idea, but sometimes people mis some small basic things, IN CASE you have two or more keys for the car, such as door lock or hatch lock keys, make sure that u didnt mix them up..

other thing, the locking mechanism might be stuck, u can spray a very small amount of WD-40 (very small amount since there are som contact points behind it, so you wont flood it with oil and might make you dig more deeper in your case) and try again..

I wish that I could give a better help..

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If you are afraid of the conductivity of WD40, you could try some silicone spray instead.

Another thought-turn the steering wheel and try to turn the key at the same time. My wheel locks sometimes, not my intention, and that is what I end up doing. This is not just a Datsun thing, it's an automotive thing.

if that helps

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yeah wiggle the steering wheel its made that way to prevent someone stealing it without the key in the lock (which if you ask any 17 year old thug will tell you doesn't stop them). Keep a slight pressure on the key and work the steering wheel back and forth gently.

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Insert key, and gently rap it with the plastic handle of a screwdriver.

Otherwise have your key rebuilt by a competent locksmith , either by

decoding the key or cut new from a code found on a door lock housing.

Could be a worn ignition cylinder , or a bent wafer in the ignition . Could

even be a broken steering lock 'lockbolt' assembly . Try silicone spray

right in the keyhole , and don't be afraid to drown it ! Flood it , and

run your key in and out , and clean the black crap off with a cloth each

time . Good luck ! :)

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Ok i finally got it out but now it is very difficult to move it from LOCK to OFF (i broke a key getting it out of LOCK. It can just make it alright from OFF To ACC then it moves well from ACC to ON to START. can i just WD40 the hell out of it or do I need to do something else now

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Time to replace the ignition cylinder , and have a new one set to your

existing door keys to match . Take the car to a good locksmith shop , or

have a mobile guy come out . The housing has to come off the column,

then the roll pins removed , then the new unit re installed . I'm a lock-

smith , so bring it to a shop that has the right parts . Here that job

brings between 120.00 - 160.00 , but may be less in your area . Do a

search on this topic on this site for more info if needed ! :)

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