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FS: rear disk conversion bits


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Hi Guys,

is anyone here thinking of upgrading the rear drums to disks? i need to sell some parts to help me save for the next part of my project :(

i am sure that these parts will be snapped up pretty quickly by the Z guys, but you guys have first pref.

Firstly, i did a bit of research into what should be a simple conversion for rear brakes on Z's and 1600's as there is a tonne of info flying around for them, and they shouldn't be too much different to the 240K. The solution i found was similar to the common mod in the US, using maxima disks, calipers and early model caliper mounts. but instead, using DR30 skyline parts.

i basically run out of time to find a 2nd DR30 caliper, and had to go with a commodore/falcon conversion instead.. i am just looking to recover some of my costs ( a lot more than what i am selling it for), it took me a long time to accumulate these parts.

I have accumulated the following parts:

2 x Nissan Bolt on DR30 caliper mounts ($120ea from nissan)

2 x Used DR30 Discs (lots of meat left, needs a shave though)

2 x Used DR30 Swing arms and stub axles

2 x Used DR30 disc shields

1 x Used DR30 Caliper with brake pad

1 x Used DR30 handbrake cable (one side)

1 x Used crossmember (bit the swing arms mount to)

Sell all together for $400

please understand that in theory, this should all fit up, but i didn't get it fitted to my car, so i can't offer any guarentee's.. but anyone half competent should be able to make the necesary modifications (if needed)

i also have a brand new OE 15/16" Master Cylinder out of a US Spec 280Z, sell for $190 (SWR sell similar for $348!), brake outputs are on the left side of the M/C.

All you should need to complete this, is a 2nd caliper, shave the discs, then fit to the 240k!! oh, you may need bigger wheels too :D

I am afraid i am not interested in seperating at this stage, but bit's you don't use can easily be sold to DR30 guys (especially the swing arms and crossmember, as they are commonly damaged when hitting gutters sideways etc.).

Pickup in Sydney, unless you can arrange something

I also still have the NA 300ZX (26mm wide) front calipers, powdercoated in red with new seals if anyone is interested..


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hope you get your customer soon

drum to disk conversion is some thing become essential

surprise how datsun manufacture the 240K in that single

one pushing direction piston ?????) how to stop the missile!!

they may rely on the double piston front caliper !!

since I bought my 240K (1998) I'am suffering oil leakage

from the rear break piston, I did overhauling two times cleaning

and put a new rubber (dont remember may be a 3/4") then after

a while (less than one year) suffering the leakage again!! some thing

not acceptable from datsun (I had T crown 1974, the rear break consists

of twin piston of two direction !!!!!!) . and Im realy now thinking to

convert to disk (I may do it this december) to get rid of that repeating

headache. appreciating any photos help & describe the conversion status..

thanks (Bu Zamil)

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The C110 2000GT-R had rear disk brakes, given it's increased power, that isn't surprising..

you would have very little chance of finding all the GT-R bits to just bolt on however.. as i said in another post, the only ones that i found (in the nissan family), that even resembled a bolt on was the DR30, MR30 and R31 rear calipers and disks.. all of these would require some custom caliper mounts to be made, custom handbrake cables etc.

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