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Fuel line questions, always questions...


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Last week, I decided to change the fuel filter. Before pulling the filter, I followed all the directions about releaving the fuel line pressure, thankfully. I had, however an impossible time installing the new filter. Try as I might, the hose would barely go on. I pushed, cursed, twisted, pushed, etc. and finally got it on enough to clamp, but not on enough to feel safe about.

So yesterday I went to Napa and found hose that fit better (5/8" or 7.9mm, if memory serves) and went about installing it today on all the affected lines. Two issues came up.

The first was that the fuel line towards the nose of the car (not attached to filter) decided to spout like a lazy gusher once I cut it. Since the lines were not the right size, I had to go at them with a razor, not much fun. So gas was streaming down, onto the ground. Even with the pressure released, should this have happened? If I am thinking right, the hose in question is the return line.

The other issue has to do with fuel entering the engine from the filter. Once I pulled the old hose from he rail, I saw this (picture)- it looks like rust to me, if so, how can I get it out of there?

I've poured SeaFoam into the tank, what else should I do?




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If the line that spouted fuel was the return line to the tank, it is likely that the spouting was the result of air pressure built up in the tank. Was it hot outside?

On the rust in the line, it doesn't look to me like there's enough to even begin worrying about. If all our lines looked as good as this, we'd be in great shape.

Stop being paranoid.:classic:

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If you got the right filter, I don't understand how the hoses wouldn't fit? They worked fine on the old one correct? It is normal to have to push the hoses on a little hard. You can wet the inside of the hose with gas to help them slide on better.

As for your fuel pipe, you can remove them and clean them if you want.

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"That rust is no big deal"

Even minor rust is a big deal to me. Why the hell not clean them out? Looks like he already has some of the lines unhooked so might as well go for it if you got the extra time.

I guess Im the paranoid type :paranoid: and proud of it LOL

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The filter I bought was correct, but I had to CUT the old lines ones off. Once I forced the existing line onto the car, I was able to go and get different fuel lines. Upon removing the PO installed line, I was able to see that the filter had sliced into the interior lne.

Anyway, that problem has been solved, and in reference to the question about it being hot outside, I don't think it was.

thanks for the input on the rust, cleaning it out may be a good winter project.


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One thought-you did replace the lines with ONLY high pressure fuel injection hose-right? The Boobs at the parts counters around here have always tried to sell me regular old fuel hose-even when I asked for the good stuf. If the hose isn't stamped with a high pressure/fuel injection hose replace it and go chew the parts guys-if will fail at the worst time and could cause your car to burn along with what ever is inside...

I hope I am just having a sympathetic vibration from DZR...


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Not to worry, Will.

I made sure that I installed the Highpressure line, suited solely for the FI system. I was lucky in that the salesperson I dealt with this time knew enough to "suggest" the FI reinforced line, rather than plain lines.

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