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a little update of my project. but what now?


what should i do to still make it out of this project with my wallet?  

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  1. 1. what should i do to still make it out of this project with my wallet?

    • keep doing it all original
    • aftermarket (flares, fender mirrors all that stuff)
    • dump the whole project
    • throw it on ebay
    • something else (mention it in the thread)

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Hi mate, before it's possibly to late I'd like to add a few cents here.

I had a 73 240z that to this day I regret selling and not attempting to fix the body up on. It had the typical under the battery rust that was quite terminal however I did a welding course and was too afraid to attack it with a welder.

Instead I sold it and bought my current 240z which is great but has it's own minor rust issues that I will take care of after the mechanical stuff.

I know it's alot of work but what have you go to loose by learning to weld on it? give it a crack you might suprise yourself.

Anyway there's always two ways to look at the situation you would probably be better off spending the extra dollars and getting a complete car with minor rust. However as some of the others said it would be nice if you could save this one. :disappoin

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Throwing in the towel?


Sorry you couldn't keep up with it. I hope the sale helps fund your 280Z project.

Good luck,


yup im out. i just cant keep two zs....wish i had the welding skills too. if it sells that money will go to paint for the 280z. what can i say im a poor collage student...

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The pictures look just like the ones of mine except mine is within a couple of weeks of paint. I guess anyone can give up. It has crossed my mind more then once. But, I have built friendship's with some of the members in the NW who have kept me going. Every one who has seen the pictures of this car has said they too would of given up. This car has been saved from the dead. I could not weld either but, did the research found a votech school with welding classes for the hobbyist and enrolled. Spent a couple of nights a week in class for a couple of months and the rest is history. The biggest expense in my car is time. I have replaced both outer rocker panels, repaired the right inner rocker panel, fabricated new parts and rebuilt the firewall, fabricated the right front inner fender well and battery box. Rebuilt both front lower frame rail boxes, repaired the right side floor pan and replaced the stiffener under the floor. Replaced the floor pan behind the seats just forward of the tool box storage area. Fabricated the right rear inner fender well replaced the lower half of the exterior rear fenders, straightened the drivers door repaired the inner brace in the door straightened the hatch and lower rear valance panel. Replaced both front fenders and hood so, far. I don't have eight years in this car. It all started the first week of December last year. I put two hours into it four nights a week and one week end day a week. A couple of days I have run down to Vancouver to see Escalon and Beandip to ask for help and get pumped back up. There are two really nice Z's. Looking forward to meeting Nwcubsman and Arne also.

As far as being stock define that? This car was never stock from before it rolled off the show room floor. The interior was modified as were the wheels and tires all by the dealer.

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Ok, for anyone out there who is looking for a good shell and doesn't want the time and hassel to remove the tar and strip a shell, 500 bucks is a deal!

I really wish this was back in November when I got my 280z. I could have spent more of my time making this shell really nice than the hours and hours removing all that damn tar and crap.

This would also be a nice canidate for a race shell if someone was so inclined. Actually I would like to make a rally / autocross Z car one day. But that time will come much later in life.

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