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  1. Post updated. zhead240: You can't right click > save as. Just click it. Wait. Insert verification-code and so on. Never mind though. Try the first link in my updated post.
  2. 720p video » http://www.voodoo-people.com/~daz/mull/wmv/mull@pbz2_720p.wmv Rapidshare [mirror] » RapidShare: Easy Filehosting Vimeo HD » Datsun 240z - Hugo - part 21 on Vimeo YouTube (low quality) »
  3. N1 Waterpump in place. Covers temporary on as dustcovers till next visit. Tomei poncams inside. I:260°/9,15 mm och E:252°/9,15 mm if I remember correctly.
  4. Time to beat this dead horse with the update-stick! Trial fitting of a Nissan 200sx S14 front suspension... ...and if you have to ask. No. This. Isn't. Final. Installation.
  5. Yeah, it's still in the making! Should be some updates during june... : ) Patience is a virtue, or so they say
  6. Not much has happened since last. I got hold of some GTR wheels that I'm trying out for size. They're 16" - tires are 225/45. Good fit. More back space for a wider rim - approx 15-20 mm - and the flares are now being redesigned by the same metal worker that did the "too wide" version and the slimmer ones that are shown in this pic:
  7. The floor pans would be stronger if they had grooves in them. But I couldn't find a bead roller with a deep enough throat, so it will be compensated by adding beams inside the car. I don't mind critique : )
  8. Some welds are crap, most are good - some are great. What welds did they think sucked?
  9. Madness! It's 14" : ) Chop chop... Going offroad? Suspension isn't hooked up... This is what rust free fender lips look like. Promise. Torment. Would you believe it? The other side was rust free too! Close look. No rust as far as the eye can see. Worn out disc making me use manual shear for the last cuts. Yay. And presto, enough room to fit 20" or drop it another 2 inches, but that would mess the IRS geometry up. Hmm. Anyone know if there are drop spindles for Skyline/200sx/240sx/300zx? : ) Design and placement of the flares yet to be determined. Think I put it a bit too high on this pic. I was tired
  10. Here's a set of 18" loaner wheels taking a spin to check clearance. Car isn't at its lowest since the wheels are an inch or so outside of the fender lips, meaning cutting will be next.
  11. Here's the latest: Got some spindles/5-lugs donated : ) Mounted on my spindles (less rust then the donors...) The hunt for trial wheels/rims begins... : ) For sale
  12. Haha, all the time "...or do you care" - don't get me started. Of course it'll be adressed. :stupid:
  13. YouTube 640x360 mirror 1: http://www.voodoo-people.com/~daz/mull/wmv/mull@hugo20.wmv mirror 2: http://rapidshare.com/files/74384814/mull_hugo20.wmv 720p mirror 1: mirror 2:
  14. "Original spare tire and wheel for 1792 datsun 240Z. Never used. Serious Collectors only" Wow, I bet only serious collectors know the 240z was made in 1792 Talk about being ahead of its time!
  15. Here's the first part (of two) of part two (of three) at Huddinge Kustoms : ) YouTube 640x360 Mirror 1: http://www.voodoo-people.com/~daz/mull/wmv/mull@hugo19.wmv 720p Mirror 1: http://www.voodoo-people.com/~daz/mull/wmv/mull@huddingekustoms_part2_720p.wmv Mirror 2: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
  16. Any time before either the oil runs out or hovercrafts become the rage... :stupid: :classic:
  17. I don't mind at all : ) Yes, it has "rear steer" aka. Hicas. It will be locked up and not used : ) And here's a little something else: Pretty much everything is now in place. Have my sights on a pair of 300zx aluminium spindles, complete with brakes, rotors and 5-lug hubs. Last pic is just testing what a 265 wide tire would look like. Henrik och Andreas - aka Huddinge Kustoms : ) Negative camber for teh win. Shocks aren't in proper place, cut spring, no hicas. It's a mess : ) /me is very satisfied with the progress. The shifter seems to have gone astray though : ( Back to the boring garage... Hugo's trying on some new shoes.
  18. Welding inside - who needs Intel? : ) And in a flash, all mounts were done! No words needed. I'll do some cheering instead! WOop woop! : D Pretty tight fit : ) Some flares might be needed - the tires are 185 wide : P Andreas is pretty pleased with the progress as well : ) Like I said, very very pleased Andreas - My smile is twice as wide : ))) And this is what it looks like from the side. More to come...! Even after this monster (spoiler) update, there's a new video coming sometime in the near future. I just have to try to make room for the video on my harddrive : ) Woop woop! : )
  19. After measuring, Andreas started cutting up some square tubing. ...in order to have something to mount the front mounts to. No holes = no mounting = break out the drill! Chop chop! Stepping it up a notch further. Tubing inside the square piping. Weld.
  20. I'm pretty much overwhelmed right now. I used to apply a saying, by a wise swedish childrens comicbook turtle - Skalman, to this build. The saying (roughly translated) is: Hurry slowly. When Huddinge Kustoms took the reins, they kicked Skalmans saying right off the wagon and put rockets on it. So uh... How many days did it take to construct, build and finish the R32 Skyline IRS-swap? Answer: 2 days. Sure sure, there are some welds still to be done - but I'm *bleep* blown away by the progress made in the last few days. In fact, my brain is starting to melt down - so here are some (23) pictures of todays progress! Oh, one more thing: mull Huddinge Kustoms Like I said, chopping up - not yet finished. Mr Andreas - aka. chop-meister aka. Rear-IRS-master: D See where the massage has been placed? Some muscle-breakage occurred (not to much surprise) thus, Hugo needing some attention. And grinding. Sore muscles fixed up : ) Chop chop. Bloody rust! Death, rust and taxes, I tell you. Some L-profiles welded in place to hold the measuring device. This is what all tape measures dream of being reincarnated as : )
  21. Complete links: FILM YouTube 640x360 Mirror 1: http://www.voodoo-people.com/~daz/mull/wmv/mull@hugo18.wmv Mirror 2: http://rapidshare.com/files/68425592/mull_huddingekustoms_part1_360.wmv 1280x720: Mirror 1: http://www.voodoo-people.com/~daz/mull/wmv/mull@huddingekustoms_part1_720p.wmv Mirror 2: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 No. But some ductape should do it
  22. This thread has been sleeping for way too long, if you ask me. That's what two mighty brave souls thought too. This is why they've volunteered to get the project up and running once again. Meet (and praise) Huddinge Kustoms. Time to mount the rear suspension, seats, pedals, seatbelts and so on in their respective place. It's been a long time coming - but here it is - part 18 : ) Enjoy! PICS Big whee... No weels keep on rollin'! The Skyline suspension put in place. Kind of anyway. Andreas to the right. Henrik drilling out some spot welds. Very nice. Rear suspension is gossiping with the spare wheel tub. It's for sale. Rear rails gone. More chopping up to be done... Aluminium bushings for the rear suspension. Always good to have some mounts as well... FILM YouTube 640x360 Mirror 1: [Coming soon] Mirror 2: http://rapidshare.com/files/68425592/mull_huddingekustoms_part1_360.wmv 1280x720: Mirror 1: [Coming soon] Mirror 2: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
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