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No Bumpers..I need bumpers? Body Kit?


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I have a slight problem. I see many people talking about taking off your bumpers on this board, and every other Z board out there. I purchased my Z car without any bumpers. I did not really think it was going to be a problem until I wanted to add aero to the car and maybe a different rear skirt.

I was wondering do I need bumper mount to mount a body kit to the car. I was thinking something that looks like fiberglass bumpers. I really need some sort of solution for the bumpers.. can anyone point me in the right direction? Even if its something like 240 mounts and bumpers, I don't rreally care, I just can't get bumpers on the car as of right now. I could use any and all help I can get to get some sort of bumper, fiberglass, or body kit on the car.

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no the bumpers or mounts are not needed and in alot of cases have to be removed to mount the kits! hers mine:MSA Areo II.

Oh thank god. Really you have no idea how good of a reply that was.. I really need to kit installed then.

Any tips on installing the kit? I take it that you used fiberglass and rivets?

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