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HELP!! 185-70-14 Tires


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Please Help. I have been very happy with Yokohama Avid H4 87H tires. However, H-Rated tires are NO longer available in my size -- P185/70R14.

The tire outlets want me to purchase T-Rated Avid T4 88T tires.

I know that I am not the only 185-70-14 guy left in this world. What brand/model tires are the rest of you using?

I have found that Sumitomo has H-rated tires in my size. Any opinions about Sumitomo.


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No current personal experience with Sumitomo, sorry.

How wide are your rims? If they are 5.5" you might consider going with 195/65-14 instead. That size is within a fraction of the same diameter, a touch wider, and shows six H-rated choices at the Tire Rack. The Yokohama Avid H4S is one of them.

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Well, the Sumitomo(s) probably won't work out either. I wanted the HTR+, but they are only available in 50-, 45-, and 40-series. The SRIXON4 are only available in 65- and 60-series.

The HTR200 is available in 70-, 65-, 60- and 50-series. However, this is a high-performance summer radial -- not all-season.

So far, my only options are:

1) Firestone Affinity LH30


2) Downgrade to T-Rated

3) Go low-profile with P195/65/R14

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I had a terriible time finding tires on for 73, too. I wanted Japanese tires on my Z. I picked up Tire Rack's last Sumitomo HTR-4s last year 225-60-14 H rated. They found them in a hidden corner of their warehouse. They had not been advertised for 6 months and were discontinued. Be persistent. I'm happy with the tires. I didn't want BFGs. Good luck

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