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I need advice as to where i can find some descently priced diamond interior vinyl for my 240z. this stuff is quite expensive and i don't have that much extra $ to spend. let me know of any places online or even a retailer that you know if any one can. and if anyone knows a company that sells it by the roll that would be great also.



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In the event you are a dye-hard purist and have to have the original stuff......oh well $$$. Otherwise, you may consider replacing the plastic with carpet. Rems are usually inexpensive, as long as you find the color and texture you desire. The carpet will also add a little sound damping over the stock plastic....and personally, I think the carpet is much more attractive.

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If black is OK and you aren't a purist, you can get decent-looking upholstery-style vinyl, with a little texture and a cloth backing, at a fabric store -- cheap. $6-8 per yard where a yard is maybe 54" wide. Even if you don't want to put it where the diamond stuff goes, it can be useful in a restoration -- like for those insulated panels on the inside of the firewall.

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Look under the 240z section on this website and you will find a small treasure trove of 'original' parts for your car. They even have the diamond pattern vinyl trim cut to the right sizes.

I have ordered stuff from Classic Datsun Motorsports and been very satisfied (they even delivered it to my door in Australia!)- talk to Les Cannaday who is extremely helpful.


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