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I want OEM Bridgestone 175- SR/14


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late 1969 to mid 1971 owners,

As I posted Gary's thread,


I want OEM Bridgestone 175- SR/14.Here is additional photos in my web, this pictures are given from 26th-Z.


I add a throttle linkage for exchanging.This is off from Japanese Z,I am not sure the build year,I only know this is very early because there are no "ON" letter on its surface.

And please note the figuer(marking) of parking light,it is painted white.This means there is a parking light switch indeed.Actually Enrique's parking light switch is off from this console some years ago.

Console is a bad condittion,some cracks and holes there.You can fix it by your self or send to a shop they easily fix it.And I do not know why,some one cut the right side lever arm little bit from top to one inch.But this is not affected for applying plastic knob and functioning.

This came off from Japanese Z,but no problem for applying to LHD model.For the throttle linkage,end plastic glommet is not good condition but can be applied for the throttle pedal arm collectly.

Is there anyone can exchange your original bridgestone tire?

I also revised my offering,ONE tire for my rally clock.All metal emblems and Chrome metal emblems they are remain same,each for ONE tire.

Of cource I pay for the shipping to Japan.

The steel wheel is not neccesaly,if it comes with,it is nice.

Thank you,





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I am still looking for this tire,I want to buy at least 2 more.Is there anyone can sell this tire?I pay $100-200 depends on condition.

I found why nobody offers his tire on this thread,because I used a wrong word. I must say "trade" not "exchange".

I also accept for trading my emblems or console and clocks for your tire.

Is there anyone can sell/trade your tire?


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