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can front rotors etc from 71z be used on back of a 77 z?


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I am wondering if there is any parts from the front brakes of my 71 parts car that I can use on my 77 280z to convert the back brakes to rotors???

Can anyone give me some insite? I have not even begun to look at it ... This is just something I have been thinking about. Now that I will be takeing the car off the road for a complete resto, I will be doing the brakes.

Thanks ..Cheers ..Bruce

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:knockedou If you are doing the 280ZX rear rotor change as the disc package. you will need the early model caliber and later model year disc (smaller hat, four hole). But you should be able to use the later model rear disc on some of the other kits out there. The 280ZX conversion uses a flat mounting plate. We are trying out a three hole plate this year. We have seen a two hole mounting plate run by a GT-2 car. But we liked it as a three hole better. We are now using a four hole split mounting plate. It was easy putting it around the axel shafts and mounting it. But it's cost was a little to much to make. So we came up with the three hole mounting plate. I will be testing it on my car this year and hope to report some thing good about it soon. Good Luck, check out HybridZ.org site for some good info on the other rear disc brake conversions out there:classic: .

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