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Timing chain question


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Hey all, I have a question. I am almost finished putting my everything back together on my 280Z and I have run into a problem (go figure). I need to put the timing chain back on, but the chain has no timing marks (no silver links) at all. I have wiped it clean and have looked closely at it from all angles and see no 2 links that appear lighter in colour. I know I need 42 links from the mark on top to the mark on bottom. When counting links, do I count the pins as the links? or is it something else.

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Okay, but when I count the links like that I end up with 1 being a top link and the other being one of the bottom ones. Is that right? Down below, I'm assuming the yellow method of counting is in-correct. Are you saying the green way is correct?


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The green way is right. I put the bottom sprocket with the marked tooth through my joining link and count up from there. (starting with 1 being and inside link, 2 being an outside link etc…) Number 42 will be an outside link which will line up with the marked tooth on the top sprocket.

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