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Headlight/Turn prob


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Like Dave I am not sure if your 260 and our 240's are the same. I know the 280 is a completely different switch set up.

Do you have a picture of the switch itself?

You posted some where this car came without front turn signal lights? Do you have those installed Now?

Do yourself a favor and update your profile to include where you live city state and what car it is you own. You will get better responses from members When they have that knowledge.

I have been into two of these turn signal problems in the past few months both were the switch. Both times we had ruled it out. The wiring of these turn signal circuits is different then most other cars.

Here's a link to a diagram of the 240 turn sigal switch itself. http://www.pape.ws/allan_and_rosanne/Z-Car_Stuff/Lighting/240Z%20Turn%20Signal%20Switch%20Circuit%20Modification.htm

Hope this helps.

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One other thing... The last time I had a problem with my turn signals, it was'nt the switch but rather the hazard switch. The back had come loose and the contact were having trouble making a connection.

Turn signals usually run through the hazard switch, so also keep that in mind.


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I'm fairly certain that (since the 260Z tail lights are the same as the 280Z) that the turn signal switch on the 260 is more like the 280 than the 240. Which would be good, as since the 260/280 turn signals are separate from the brake lights, the turn signal switch is much simpler.

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so i spent the entire day unmolesting the wireing. time well spent i got the headlights and running lights working fully. the only thing not working is the turn signals but thats because i dont have the entire center console harness (including the hazzard switch)so once thats done im 95% sure all my wireing is exactly how it needs to be.

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