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Air Dam Identification Help ...


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Hello Everybody,

I am in the middle of stripping down my Z at the moment and need to start thinking about a new front end (there are some parts that are damaged and the cost to replace them approaches that of a new air dam) so it's time to add a new front end to the car. :cheeky:

I really like the front end in the attached photo but I have been unable to identify it. If you know where to be able to find it please let me know.

Thanks for the help.


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That certainly is a fine looking Z! Spoilers? Well, the best thing to do to search though vendor cataloges, as there are a number of front spoilers available. Also, using the search function on this site should provide some insight as well. Good hunting and welcome aboard!

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Hi Gregg! That is the MSA air dam with no brake ducts. I think Victoria British and Motorsports Auto carries them :)

Ok, so now that I know what bumper it is does anyone know how hard it would be to adapt this 240z styled air dam to my 280z. I really like the look of the front bumper being that small. I could go with the 280z one from MSA but if it's an easy mod I would like to do it.

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