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Back in the saddle again.

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I'm back in the Datsun love affair after a 28 yr breakup. Had a 71 in 76, it was great car but I was a kid and it almost did me in. I'm back at it again with a 77 280z, I was looking for a 71, but not much luck with out major bucks or major overhaul. Anyway, bought it on Ebay for a very reasonable price from California. The car looks great and is running with almost no rust - one small spot on the hood, original paint, still has original paper stickers under the hood.

It looks good enough after a little compound that I don't think I'm even gonna paint it. Pinstripes bug me but underneath the paint is obviosly not sunfaded - pinstripes will have to stay.

Anyway I have three questions for informed/experienced members:

1/ I didn't get a manual - whats the correct wheel and tire size?

2/ Car has original California exhaust - Header, pipes and proper sounding muffler any thoughts or information are appreciated.

3/ Steering is loose, ball joints Checked - Would bushings do the trick after new tires??


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Depends why your steering is loose. Could be caused by a number of reasons such as worn rack bushings, worn tie-rod ends, worn ball joints, or a worn rack.

Youll have to get someone to rock the steering wheel back an forth, while you examine the steering assembly looking for the culprit.

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thanks for the response Mr. Cam,

I had a look at the front end in play - the ball joints look tight, the steering rod entering the pinion has some transverse play, on the rack sleeve there are a couple of bushings - I can see play in them, but they are rubber, does this sound normal?


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