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muffler's type for 280Z?? turbo or through


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hi people, I alloready discussed this matter before and I'm about to go through the annual registery renewal of my 280Z, I'm afraid of my annoying muffler that I have, the car might not pass the technical test, many people from this forum recommended the "turbo muffler" to be used without the middle muffler "resonator"

in my case, I have a long Datsun manifold I guess some Z cars came with it (not sure) and a 2.5" pipe goes from the manifold to the rear muffler, the one I have is a through muffler which has a cylindrical shape with a 2.5" pipe in it (with drilled holes) and seems to be compressed with fiber glass..

anyway, if I go for turbo muffler, what is the flow of the exhaust gas in it? is it correcot in the drawing?

please if anyone has the dimensions of "a", "b" and "c" please send me the figures but consider the 2.5 pipe..

OR one guy told me to reduce the noise just put a nother through muffler in the middle without fiber glass (the cylinder and dashed pipe in it) and keep the rear one that I have ocz it sits well, since I have removed rear bumpers it might seem ugly if I mount the oval shape muffler!:stupid:

I'm really confused now, any muffler expert here? plz help:(


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I put the "cherry bomb" type muffler in (the fiberglass cylinder type like you talked about) and they SUCK. I noticed a dramatic loss in power on my N/A built L28. It is coming off when the car goes back on the road.

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if you want to keep the flow use a 2 1/2'' race muffler for the middle muffler. These are a celindrical muffler that is about 20'' long . The carry bomb type muffler uses a luver type of perferation to puncture the center pipe. this closes some of the inside diameter and restricts flow .

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