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Hello everyone. I am just saying hi. I've got a 1 owner (my moms) '71 240Z in almost completely original condition. It's been sitting for a while in a garage and hasn't received good enough attention so while I am home I will fix a few things here and there. Anyways, I am not really familiar with Z cars in general, but I have been working on all sorts of different cars for a number of years. So any help is much appreciated. Also, where do you guys get your parts? We have a supplier (Victoria British) in town that has a good number of parts but not everything. Ok, enough rambling...

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Hi Dan, welcome to the club. Please post a few pics of your 240Z when you get a chance!

You might consider getting a factory service manual, depending on how much work you plan to do to the car. There are other manuals available (Haynes, Chilton's, etc...) but the FSM is better.

In addition to Victoria British, here are a few other parts sources:

Banzai Motorworks (www.zzxdatsun.com)

Danny's Datsuns (www.webspawner.com/users/dannysdatsuns/index.html)

MSA (www.zcarparts.com)

ZParts (www.zparts.com)

Rod's Discount Datsun Parts (www.rodsdatsun.com)

Good luck with your Z!

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G'Day Dan,

Welcome to the club mate.

First off, as Ken said, you'll definitely need a service manual.

Second, fill out your profile with more info. There might be a couple of members living within hailing distance who could be of help to you regarding where to get parts, mechanics etc.

Another useful item is the parts CD available from this site. It can be invaluable.

Take the time to browse the site, .... there's a wealth of info on Zeds to be found, you only need to search.


:devious: :devious:

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Welcome; you will find alot of help here on , both what worked and the OOOP'S experences. There are a couple of threads going on replacing lights on these cars with LED's. Any experience in that area would be greatly looked at and discussed. Again Welcome

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