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72 240z parts car christmas sale!


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Hello all, as most of u know i have a 72 240z parts car ive been parting out for awhile now. Well... i still have about 80% of the car left. Sorry i havent responded to any emails i have recieved and havent really been ontop of things lately as far as sealing deals ( ive had to attend some family events that were a bit displeasing, however everything is good now) if anyone would like to purchase and parts for a 1972 240z i will be glad to dig into my parts pile and see what i can find. And like always, my price will be lower than the usual cost due to the holidays! =) my Email is cKy7290@yahoo.com or you can simply send me a PM. pictures can be provided for the parts upon request. also i have this add running in the classifieds too... hope to hear from you!

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Well any year works, 75+ I guess is best, because they're retractable at the top where they mount on the outside of the plastic panel...so '74 would work... different years either require a little jimmy rigging or if you can, include the lap belts as well.

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i do believe iactually have a spare belt for a 76.... as i recal i had 3 wwhen i was goin through my parts bin and obviously i only need 2 for my 76 =P but it looks like fun in my Z's got what ur lookin for. if anyone needs stuff, its goin cheap i needa get all this outa my work area! im also lookin for a set of SU's with intake and throttle linkage, so trades are welcome! =)

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