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Ground Control Coilovers


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Where are they for 200? I can only find them for 400. They are only sleeves, not full coilovers so you would still need to buy some shocks.

Thats why they arent a couple thousand bucks. I had them on a car before along with tokico 5way's and was pleased with them. Very good quality and very easy to adjust. They werent bouncy at all like most sleeved coilovers are known to be. I have never had full coilovers but many ppl with them say they are better than sleeves. One part of your suspension will only perform as well as the rest of your suspension. So if you have good bushings and shocks to match the springs rates then the GC's will be great.

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$400 for the perches and sleeves, $600 for the camber plates (4 corners), $320 springs (4 corners). GC is not cheep at all, you get what you pay for though, very high quality. With shocks and sectioned strut tubes (if you have a shop do it) you can drop $2000+ very easily, and that is with Illumina's, racing shocks the $ goes up really fast.

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