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Damn ice!!!


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ok, my girlfriends house is at about 4000 feet elevation and it has been getting really cold at night. Last night it decided to "rain ice" and cover her very windy narrow road with ice. so this morning i got up to go to work and went to leave, bad idea. as soon as i got out of her driveway onto the regular road i was up sh_t creek. i barly tapped my breaks and my Z slid about 50 feet down the road where it almost went in the ditch but a mound of dirt stopped it. I could have left it there and walked about 50 feet to her house and waited but no...i had to try and back up the road to her driveway again. when i did that i got about 10 feet and my car slid totally sideways across the road, blocking both lanes. now i had to do something. i ended up rolling, with my car shut off in reverse, down the 6 miles down the road where it was clear, i had to use both regular brakes and e brake to get to the bottom. what a morning, i was 3 hours late to work. so today the i got my studs put on first thing after i got back to my neck of the woods. just to let you guys know, Z's mix with ice about like water mixes with oil.

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