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Having a car shipped to me. How?


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I need to have a car shipped to me. Where do I start making arrangements? The car is 1,200 miles from where I live and I don't the time off from work to drive up there and tow it back. Any suggestions?

The car belonged to my dad and his estate is being cleared out so I need to make arrangements ASAP.



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Easy - that's why Google exists!

Try one like this:


One site, fill in the info and you'll get about 10 quotes from various companies. Rates can vary widely depending on how you want it shipped (enclosed or open) and how quickly you need it delivered. The top end ($) shippers specialize in custom/antique/exotic cars and will treat it with "kit glove" service.

I had mine shipped from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale (650 miles?), it took a few weeks (open carrier) but they picked it up at the door and delivered it to my door. Cost was ~$450.00, but that was before gas was $3.00/gal :cry:

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