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where to buy?


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i need alot of suspension stuff, like tie rods ( side rods), ball joints, bushings...The dealer is raping me on this 500 per side. Wheres a good place to buy all this ? MSA ? courtesy ?

Where are you located? If there is a Z specialist or good mechanic near you, you'll probably do better than through a dealer (unless they really care about the older Z generation...like Courtesy and others...) I'd wait to source parts elsewhere before committing to the dealer...although keep in mind some of the suspension parts like bushings aren't expensive on their own but the labor to get at some of the locations to r/r will get you...


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watch your prices, but i've had some good luck on ebay. beck-arnley ball joints with shipping for less than local parts store, MSA or VB.

local parts stores, napa, autozone etc are also options but expect to wait a few days for special ordering and shipping.

online for beck-arnley and generics try


pricing is pretty good and fast, reasonable shipping


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You can buy them at any parts store. If you are looking for something special or you need something custom, I would suggest talking to Ross and modernmodersports.com or John Coffey at Betamotorsports.com, his email is [email protected].

Hes raced Z's most his life and Im sure he could tell you anything that you would need to know about your suspension set up for racing.

On a personal note if your just looking for a stock replacement I would go with Courtesy Nissan.

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