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Questionable L26


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From everything I've ever read and heard, it only came in the 260Z. That is, here in the US in 1974. I'm not fully knowlegable about some of the non USA Datsuns and it might have been in other cars outside the US. The 260C comes to mind. Maybe someone from Australia or elswhere will chime in.

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The reason I'm asking is that the L26 long block I bought has all new internals.The only thing not new is the block,crank and bare head.One thing is that is puzzling to me is that there is second oil pick up tube mounting location just forward of the original one.Why someone would go through the trouble of drilling a hole to the oil gallery and threading two more for mounting the pick up tube is beyond me.Which is why I'm asking possible other cars.Also, after installing it,the engine is way down on power but runs great.

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That might be for the other installtions in other countries. An L24E only has the forward mounting hole as opposed to the L24 having the rearward one. The L24E has a front sump oil pan to fit in the 810 and the Maxima (910). That is what makes is difficult to put a L28 in a 810 or 910. I wonder if all L26 blocks are that way. That would be something I never knew.

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