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small help guys, plz takea look


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the two containers of brake fluid on the master cylinder were mounted like this when i baught the car for it previous owner, i noticed in the owners manual that they should by one in each others place!? is that correct?

if yes then is it a problem letting them as they are or they will not give good pressure for the calippers? coz i think that the square shaped container should give more pressure to teh fornt calipper due to the more oil it has in it which should be mounted in the back..

plz help me :cry:

thanx in deposit


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They are reservoirs. There is no pressure. They gravity feed the MC bores when in the "at rest" position. A tip valve closes off the feed holes when you depress the pedal forcing fluid down the brakelines. When released, the fluid is forced back up into the MC. As the pads wear down the reservoirs replace the displaced fluid. That's why the fluid level goes back up in the reservoirs when you put in new pads.

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thanx stephen, ezzzzzzzzz

I'll change them, coz when the reservoir's (the one neer the MC) level get loer it gives an immediate fluence on the pedal! i guess if it was a bit bigger then that means the if the level is lower it wont affect that much!

I'll do it 2morrow! thanx alot Gentelmen:)

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I had a leak, when i found out that the brake pads were bad (last owner made bd mistake with it) then it caused a damage of the brake pistons seal.. I filled the reseroir but when i blleeded the calipper no air was there, I guess it went up through the MC! thats why the level was going down everyday untill it stopped, but I'll do more bleeding from everywhere so everythink will be ok:)

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