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a few days to go

Caen Fred

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Woah, that's a lot of pressure on my litle shoulders. But I am a men of challenge... I think I will print your post and make a check list. I can tell you that the car has not the g-nose anymore... but still the IMSA bodykit. Wait and see...

Just to tease you a litle, here a pict of the car when it attended the "Tour de France Auto"...


Zincerely yours, Fred

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Don't get stressed out about this, I only wanted you to keep in mind some of the points that might identify the car.

However, having seen the pictures from the "Tour Auto" in France I actually recognised the silver car from an article in a Japanese magazine a few years ago.I think it was in Nostalgic Hero or Old Timer, and I seem to remember them pointing out that it had a doubtful history in the article.

I think I can say that the silver car is almost certainly NOT the car that competed at Le Mans in 1976. The owner might think that it is, or have been told that it is, but I am sorry to say that it is very unlikely.

You will notice that the silver car seems to be LHD ( when the '76 Le Mans car was RHD - I think I am right in saying ). I also think that this silver car is a "240z" base, rather than a "260Z". It seems to have no FRP or GRP "Works" type panels on it ( bonnet / hood / hatch etc ) and the roll cage does not look correct. It also seems to have lost its fuel filler in the rear hatch and the acrylic windows. I have no idea whether it has a "Flat Floor" and a big fuel tank - maybe you will be able to investigate it.

I really think that it is not the '76 Le Mans car, but there is the small possibility that it could be the '75 Le Mans car ( if the '75 and '76 cars were not indeed the same car ). It also seems very unlikely to be the remains of "6466" either. I guess we have to reserve ultimate judgement, and there is also the chance that it DOES sport some parts from the Le Mans cars or what was claimed to be "6466" - but it seems so far away from the specification of either of those cars that I have to say it seems very unlikely to be any of those cars.

What does the owner claim it to be?

Isn't this great??!! ( hey, wake up all you others!.... )

Best regards,


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