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Need a Good Machinist in SoCal


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I need to get my E31 head reground, hardened valve seats, guides etc. Any suggestions for a machinist who knows how to do these! I would prefer Southern California area but will UPS it somewhere else if the guy is good enough.



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I can recommend Johnson Machine in Monrovia. I've dealt with them for 20+ years and they are excellent. Greg there just did my '71 240Z: Surfaced the head on three sides, replaced the valve seats and some valves, align-honed, decked and bored the block, polished the crank, rebuilt the rods with ARP bolts, magged everything, surfaced the flywheel and replaced the ring gear, balanced, etc. Cost was about $1500 including new pistons, head shims, ring gear, valves and seats and a gasket set.

JMS Racing Engines 724 E. Huntington Dr. Monrovia, CA 626/357-2718 www.jmsracing.com.

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Try these as well:

Randy at REBCO in THousand Oaks - right next to the Auto Row out there.

He did my early E88, fitted it with new seats, and larger N42 valves and I'm happy as can be.

Also there's Mark DeGroff at Mark DeGroff Cylinder Head in Northridge on Parthenia (near where it crosses Reseda Blvd). He cleaned up the F54 L28 I brought him straight from the junkyard. He got me new bearings and rings and left the assembly up to me but I'm still real happy with that too.

However stay away from Hollywood Machine Shop in Pasadena (1blk behind the InNOut on Walnut where the Honda dealer is). I have had a bad experience with them. There's a place just a couple doors down called Foreign Machine Service or something like that and they are SLLOOOOWWWW.


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