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240K "rally car" on Ebay


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Hey, Lach, that's one sweet Bluebird. I'd buy that one too, if I could :love:

Imagine it with an FJ20T, slammed on 17x9 Watanabes and wicked widebody kit with a tubbed rear end and ford 9" :bandit:

I'm joking peoples ROFL .Too good to butcher, IMHO

Kent, I know that up here in the backward......er....smart state you can get a full tower to tower cage fitted for about $1400 (which would meet FIA specs). I wouldn't skimp out on a dodgy rollcage (not saying this one is dodgy, but I seriously doubt it would be anything hard core.

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thanks 440k,

not something i am running out to buy for a $500 car then :D

Bruce, no, the Rb25 is still on (eventually), just flat out getting the other car ready for the charity rally in September.. so the other car has been put off for a while

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Hi Guys,

I have just had a good chat with Gary the owner of the 240K rally car. He has told me that the reserve is $1200 AUS because the triple Webers are worth $900 alone. There are original kit from a Z apparently.

The motor has had some deck work, over bored pistons, cam and head porting, not sure on the compression ration, but it sounds high. There is a spare 2.4 motor included in the price.

Gary believes it would be hard to re-register as there have been some racing mods done to the body. The rear susspension has been changed to fit the Subaro diff and sway bar. Plus there are holes in the floor where the roll cage has been welded in. There have been a couple of racing bumps that have been repaired with bogg.

Diff is 1:3.55 ratio.

He is a Datsun/Nissan man now upgrading his racing equipment to R30 and R32 Skylines, it's good to see the Nissan blood still flowing.

Good luck all. If it does not sell today, I have Gary's contact details if anyone would like to talk to him afterwards to try and make a deal.

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