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Just picked up a z


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hey guys, some of you might remember i was looking into a Z in Arizona. Good thing i didnt pick that one up cuz few days ago my dad handed me an ad from the newspaper for a 71 240. The car is from Nevada and has been in Chicago for only one year. The car has no rust, well one spot on the cowl where like 2 bubles are cumming from under the paint, thats all though. Floor pans, frame rails, spare tire well, inner fenders, its all mint condition. no body filler, never been in an accident. The car has some nice 14" spoke rims with new tires, interior is complete, one rip in the 30 year old leather seat. looking underneath and at the suspension no bolts appear to be rusted. My plan for the car is to strip it down and build it back up as a track car. I figure this is a great starting point cuz its a solid chasis. So im just happy that the year and a half long search is over and now i can get to work. By the way i got the car for 3k. so im very pleased with this purchase and look forward to hangin out here. ill go buy a disposable camera tomorrow and get some pics of the car, but for now im headed back in the garage to stare at the z some more. later guys

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Those rust spots on the cowl are probably coming up from below. The factory placed foam pads on the underside of the cowl for support. Unfortunately, they hold moisture that causes rust. The best thing to do is to remove the cowl, cut out the rusty areas, and weld in new steel. Bondo ain't gonna cut it! Oh, and don't forget to paint it! One other thing you might consider doing is to attach metal screen to the underside of the cowl vent slots. That will keep debris from falling down and into the space between the fender bottom and the inner body. That debris (leaves, twigs, etc.) gets stuck down there, holds moisture, and causes rust from the inside out. You might even consider pulling the fenders to see if rust has already started.

MSA (Motorsport Auto) has the seat replacement kits that you can install yourself, if you care to do that. I haven't done that yet, but from what I've read, it's basically a process of removing the old cover, and pulling on the new.

When you say a track car, do you mean like a daily driver/weekend warrior?

Whatever you do I'm sure it'll be a blast! Enjoy!!

BTW, if you want to get a better response to calls for help I'd suggest that you go back to your "User CP", then to "Edit Profile" and put in where you live. That way members can direct you toward regional rescources if you need them.

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