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Just bought 280z and lookin for some parts


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Hello everyone, My name is Reese and I live in Harrisburg PA. My father and I owna shop in town called Modified Motorsports and we mainly work on sport compacts and Honda Acura Nissan Swaps. I look in here from time to time because i have been searching for a z car for 2 years and found one earlier today! Great shape and great interior. I will post some pics later for everyone. Car was only 300 bucks. It is a 78 280z.

I would really like to know where some of you are getting the replacement front bumper for the zcar. I am looking for the one that the silver car has on it from the road and track article that was posted up in here. It is smaller and closer to the car than the factory one. Also looking for some replacement injectors and interior pieces. I have found a few sites and have done a lot of research but any help would be appreciated. If you are located anywhere arounnd Harrisburg PA feel free to give me a call or stop by. You can get a feel for the shop and www.getmodified.net. Thanks again


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First off welcome to the site!

The bumpers you are asking about are from a 240Z made from '70-'73 and you can either buy used from many sources including this site (and others) in the classified section, eBay, and numerous used Z parts dealers; or you can buy 'new' (as in reproduction not OEM) from either VB or MSA.

For a listing of parts sources you can search this site and find a couple threads where people have provided names and links to many places...or shoot me an email and I'll send you my personal list (it's not exhaustive but quite long).

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Thanks so much for the info, i was not sure that why i asked. Also wondering about the wiring of the gauges. I am guessing that i can buy aautometer guages including fuel level and have them all electric? Do i need to buy a new fuel level sender and cut it to fit from autometer so it works?

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