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r200 cv drive shafts


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wondering if any one can tell me the length of a 280zx turbo driveshaft or any cv driveshaft fitted to a 240z with r200

have bought r200 lsd with cv shafts still in diff but cut off half way to hub been told can get new ends and shaft made just need over all length if i go this way wont need adaptor on diff side just need to find a cv end that will fitt to hub

Thanks Mick

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hi Mick

Stuart Wilkins 02 4577 2400 will be able to help you. he has just made a batch of them with 25 spline and 27 as well to suit a 240z with r200's. i was there last weekend getting mine fitted when we discovered my control arm has been shortened by 20mm to combat the camber of my setup. sooo, they didn't fit for my car and he is now making a shorter shaft for me. also going to 27 spline while i'm at it. great bloke and great work. these things look so strong. can't wait to give them a workout. i have some pics but they are low quality as they were taken with phone camera.

if anyone is looking for an already made set (HR31 with anodised flanges) give Stuart a call.

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question is how much would you pay for a set of genuine Nissan cv's that are in really short supply? buy two sets to get the shorter sides to make one pair. then add custom anodised flanges. answer that question and if you still think it'll be under a grand don't bother calling Stuart. it's not my place to say how much he will charge you but gamble on the AU$1400 mark. mine will cost ~AU$1800 after the 27 spline conversion and additional shortening of the shafts. some of you are probably thinking i'm crazy for paying that and can number dozens of people that have done the job at a fraction of the costs but without seeing them you really have no idea why i'm paying that price. (i'll get some proper pics when my set is ready)

my choices are

-spend ~$7k for a 4 link - Ford 9 inch conversion

-drive the car like a granny and hope the u-joints hold for another couple of months and then replace. rinse and repeat.

-pay $1800 for a set of one off cv's

not much to think about there. i'm just glad i'm replacing the manual tranny with a c4 in a couple of months time. that combination should serve me very well. i was advised (not much convincing needed) to go for the 27 spline as the 25 would have been my weakest link. road would be fine but on the track there is no way it'll hold with the torque i'm going to put through it.

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