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Lead paint detection


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I will soon begin the process of sanding the body of my 75 280z. I have a few questions: how can I determine if the paint has lead in it? I have heard stories of lead poisoning and I believe the dust from sanding may not be a good thing landing on toys, bikes, etc. My car has all the Datsun badging intact and in decent condition. How do I remove them without breaking them and where/how can I get them redone like they came from the factory? Thanks.

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I've never heard of paint containing lead being used on cars. It was used in houses because the lead in the paint helped prevent mildew and algae but was banned in the late 70's.

The emblems should pry up using a wide flat blade. While some people have had success painting the white and black portions of the emblems the "chrome" part is not so easy since it's on plastic (at least for some of the emblems). You can still buy new emblems which may be better in the long run.

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No paint is intended to be eaten. Keep the dust off toys, bikes, etc. In other words; don't sand the car down in the family garage. And wear a mask. No offense, Russel, but if you don't know this, you shouldn't be sanding on your car.

It is cheaper to buy new plastic emblems than restore them however the plastic can be rechromed. The emblems are attached with a barrel clip which can rust and expand and provide more pressure than the plastic pin they hold. Most often the pins break rather than pop out intact. Use a penetrating oil on the clips and pins before you try to pry them out c a r e f u l l y with a flat blade. Chromed metal emblems are no longer available and must be re-chromed to be restored. A web search for chrome restoration will turn out quite a few places for you to try. Pick up a copy of Hemming Motor News and you will find many chrome restoration facilities advertised.

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