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Auto and Manual Trans Percentages


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Thanks for coming up with that post #90. I continue to be amazed at the knowledge and info you people share. It looks like there are definitive numbers for 1971 with 91% being manual. Are there definitive numbers for the other years? Is it safe to assume that for 70-73 that would have stayed the same?


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Hi Greg:

I had asked the question and Carl Beck had replied in Post #90 of that thread. I believe that 1971 was the only year he was able to find figures relating to the manual vs auto trans percentages.

My guess (and it's just a guess) would be that 72 and 73 would have possibly had slightly higher percentages of auto transmission cars. The reason that I make this guess is that 71 was the first year that the auto trans HLS30-U was available in the USA, and IMO it seems likely that more auto trans Z's could have been sold as production ramped up, and more of the public became aware of the availability.

Just a WAG.

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I would think it was a natural progression from that 9% up to the 30% you stated by the 1978 model year (final S30 year)....the car was more of a Touring GT than a raw ready to pump up sports car by that time...so more people would get the A/T.

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