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Front Clip Swap Info?


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I have 2 240's and one 260. Each one has her unique problems.

2ed #1 is pretty straight but is well-rusted underneath (I bought it for $150 for the carbs and the windshield, but she's been good for many other parts). Zed #2 has only minor rust and is very straight from the front compression rod mounts back, but she has had damage to her nose. I'll spare you the details, but she's crooked. A frame shop has obviously worked on her but couldn't get her perfect. I think she's close enough that she's driveable, but it's possible she will be tough to align and set up properly.

With the exception of her warped front, Zed #2 is clearly the best of the two. This is not a restoration, but an ITS race car project.

So I'm considering cutting off her front clip and replacing it with the front clip from Zed #1. I've found several articles on the net where people have done this on other cars. Are there any resources on the net about the best way to do this for a Zed? Have any of you done this?

I figure I can do the cutting, the prep, tack weld it in place, then take it to a pro to do the rest of the welding.

I know this is major surgery and I want to fully research it before I commit.



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ya, you might not want to even cut the old one out without gettin jiggy with it, as it will probably warp even more

I can understand how tricky it is to put the new clip on, but I can't see how a frame can warp when cutting it out? Have you done this?

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I've seen this done several times, but not on a Z, but with most everything unibody now I don't see that it would be different. The halves are cut and jigged before welding together. For sure nothing I would try at home! Nothing special was done during the cutting that I saw, mostly a case of getting things apart in a way that they could be put back together.

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.................. mostly a case of getting things apart in a way that they could be put back together.

....................without sacrificing the strengh of the chassis structure

I would have added "or function of crumple zones", but Z's are one big crumple zone so I won't.

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