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anyone got any emblems?


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I may have some between my '71 and '72 if you can use any from a '72. I know I don't have a complete set but will check tonight. I may have a front bumper too. I think it has a slight kink but I'm sure it could be easily rubber-hammered out.

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If you have the CD (available through 240z.org) look in the "Miscelaneous" section. It specifies which emblems go where, and which ones to look for.

Be aware that there is a subtle difference in the "script" DATSUN for the rear hatch. There is one that has the squared off "T" crossbar and another that has a rounded off one (the horizontal bar). This is important if you are doing a concours style resto.

You can get emblems from various sources: MSA; Victoria / British; Too Intense Restoration; Datsun Dude to name a few.

E-Mail or post a message if you need info on how to get a hold of these guys.

I personally used Datsun Dude and his pricing is very good, and his quality is OEM+.

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Datsun Dude is:

Andy Russell

Phone: 480-217-7322

e-Mail: z@datsundude.com

As far as I know he does not have an active web-site going, but he does have some excellent offerings and pricing. He also can find some hard to get items AND he'll tell you if you can get it cheaper elsewhere as a repro instead of OEM. But almost ALL his stuff is OEM. And the few pieces that are not, are of extremely EXCELLENT quality. I've not been disappointed yet.

I have a price list from him, but I haven't asked him if it's ok to just post it.

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