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Glass-trim, molding removal...


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Is there a special tool required to remove the metal trim and molding around the windows? If not, what is the recommened procedure to remove the trim without damaging it? A few scratches will be OK since I plan on blacking it out anyway. Also, what type of solvent should be used to remove any sealant around the moulding? New paint job in the works and I'm going to do all the prep work I can...thanks.

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The best way I've found to remove the trim is with a box cutter. You make a cut on both sides of the trim and it will come right out. Once you have it all out, make deeper cuts along the edges of the glass and body. The corners are harder to do. I put a camping foam pad down on the cowl and push from the inside but not enough that the window falls out on its' own. Once it's loose I remove it from the outside. Have a place to store it ready. As to solvents, I used Prep-All after I had scrapped and sanded most of the left over rubber moulding away. I never have seen much adhesive, however.

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