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Black Pearl Paint


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I'm on to a 78 that I may purchase that was originally this color. The car does need to be re-painted. My question is who carries this original paint color? Will the paint and body shop be able to find it or do I need to purcahse this myself through Nissan and bring it to the shop? Also, if the body shop can order it, how do I know that it is actually the correct black pearl and not from Billy Bobs Paint and Pork Products?


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Paints are made up of codes for each amount of color that is required to make the factory original. A good body shop will have a book that goes with the paint they specialize in, for example PPG. This book will tell the painter how much of each or certains colors to mix in order to get the factory original color you need. PPG is my favorite but everybody has their preference.


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paint technology has changed a lot since 1978 and the original paint that was used then will be out dated and as paint manufacturer's have to keep up with goverment guidelines on solvent content and VOC's(volatile organic compounds) and lead content that all cause pollution,some paints are now unavailable.but most major paint manufacturer's will still have the formulations to mix as near as possible to the original color,like PPG or DUPONT or ICI which is now called NEXIA so most paint and bodyshops will be able to supply the paint but they will vary in color,it might be darker ,lighter or more red or more blue etc etc so if you are having a full respray it will not matter but if it is a door or fender then they will have to blend the color.

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