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L28 +5SPD -> 260Z , motor doesn't fit??


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I' started an engine translplant last...July? for my 260, and I rebuilt the motor and tranny, and finally got it in place. I've got a problem though, I think the motor is crooked?

I tried putting the motor into the bay with the original L26 brackets that go from the block to the bodyside mount(which I replaced), but they were too long it seemed, and I couldn't get it to work with the tranny. So, I switched in the 81ZX's shorter brackets, and now have the motor secured.

I noticed a problem when I installed my MSA header. It doesn't fit worth a damn. I got it on, but it's sitting firmly on the mounting arm/bracket and the steering rod, and that can't be a good thing.

I have a tripple dellorto setup, and can't fit it in there. I tried my old N36 manifold, that fits, but no way in I can even get the carbs in there. It's like the motor is leaned to the drivers side or something.

Has anybody ever had this problem, or have any suggestions? The car is pretty far from stock now, so taking it to a mechanic isn't an option.

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There shouldn't be a problem using and L28 with 240/260/280Z engine mounting brackets. Are you sure that you put each of the brackets on the correct side of the engine? (they are not interchangeable Right to Left)

I don't think that ZX engine brackets are the same. (not 100% sure, but the ZX chassis is completely different from a Z)

Do you have good pictures of the engine mounts as they are installed in the car that you can post so we can see what's going on?

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First of all , are you aware that the engine is supposed to lean towards the right when you are sitting in the car. It must tilt to clear the hood. I have a picture of the front of my car with the hood removed and you can see that it sits on a angle. If need be I will send the picture , just contact me with a PM I just looked at the pictures and I have pictures of the engine with the mounts attached as I was installing it and it shows the proper mounts on each side.

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I thought the engine mounts and the brackets looked the same as far as left and right goes, I must be wrong. The motor really doesn't even look like it's leaning, it's actually more straight up looking, but if it did lean to the spark plug side, that would solve the problem with the header on the bracket.

I'll be heading over to work on the car tomorrow, so I'll snap some pics of what's going on.

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That threw me into a panic as well... I marked the brackets when I took them off of my L24, but when I went to put them back on it just didn't look right at all. I had to start looking at the pictures that I took before I removed the engine, and pictures in my Haynes manual before I convinced myself that I had marked them correctly.

The right hand bracket sort of looks like it is sticking up in the air when the engine is still on the stand. But this allows the engine to tilt to the right when mounted in the car.

Go through the gallery a little and look at pics of other people's engines to get an idea of what we are saying. So far as I know, the L24, L26, and L28 blocks are essentially identical externally.

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